Our Context

University of Cape Town, www.uct.ac.za

The Student YMCA is based in the heart of the University of Cape Town (UCT), which is regularly ranked the best university in Africa and in the top 200 worldwide. The student body numbers 28,000, with approximately a third of that number involved in postgraduate study. Our campus is vibrant and multicultural, with students coming from all over the continent, and eventually returning to take up positions of influence. This means that the Student Y has the opportunity to send the gospel all over the world embodied in students who have learned to live out the gospel in all of life.

UCT is a diverse body, increasingly serving students from disadvantaged backgrounds and who face deep challenges with poverty and inequality. Like South Africa more generally, UCT is a “contested space”. The university is an important resource in social and economic change, but it remains unavailable to many. This has raised strong debates over the cost of education and the decolonialisation of South African education.

The Y is excited to be part of the robust debate that is required for genuine change and for the forging of a more just post-Apartheid society.