Faith-life integration for the common good

Why Join the Student YMCA?

The Student YMCA believes that Christ transforms people and societies and makes them whole again. Discipleship is a process that addresses the whole person, affects all of life, and results in people working to change the world.

The Student YMCA is not an alternative to your church or to other Christian societies. We aim to partner with other organisations and to use our gifts to strengthen them. We invite students to make yourselves at home at the Student Y. If you want to go deeper, you are invited to enroll in one of our programmes and to grow in a faith that is integrated with your UCT study, with your vocation, and with all your relationships.


Find out about our connection to the YMCA
and our history on UCT campus.


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What We Offer

Coffee Lounge

Grab a cup of tea or coffee
and meet up with friends

Holistic Development

Unite faith with all areas of
human experience


Meals Together

We enjoy regular times of eating
and celebrating together



Unite faith with your field of
study and vocation



Benefit from the experience and
training of skilled staff

Theological Training

Deepen your faith through
biblical and theological training courses

peer group

Peer Support

Navigate your studies with
a diverse group of Christian peers.


Learn to Serve

Make a better society by
serving the common good.

Our Annual Programmes


Residence Life Programme

The RLP is a residential programme aimed at uniting faith and study. Students sign up annually to live at our middle-campus res, participate in Christian community and service, receive mentoring, share weekly meals, and take our voluntary theological training courses. (These run mostly in the holidays).



The Fellows programme offers the same benefits as the RLP for UCT day-students. Christian formation is life-changing and world-changing. Make the YMCA campus your home base at UCT and benefit from friendship, weekly meals together, spiritual growth, and excellent theological training.


Transitions Programmes

The Transitions programmes support those moving into university and those who are leaving. We help school-leavers taking a "gap year" to find out more about university and improve theological and academic skills. We also provide connection of faith and life for alumni transitioning into the working world.

Support Us

The Student YMCA is interdenominational and relies entirely on the generosity of private and corporate partners.
Support us financially, discuss how we can help one another, or connect us with someone we should meet.

Some of our Past Students

Studying at UCT was a huge adjustment for me. Luckily, within the first few months, I found a community in an office on Middle Campus, which was literally open for anyone. I walked inside, was welcomed warmly, and got a cup of tea and a friendly conversation on the purple couch. Since that day, I went to that office every day. The Y was the place I could call home during my time at university; it was where newly found family was, it was a place where people tried to understand me, and were willing to accept me for who I am, but who wanted to see changes in me through God’s word.

Xacvier Klassen Volunteer exchange program coordinator at Visioneers
Client Image

When I look back, I can see how God used the Y to shape me for life after university, in ways I never would have expected. I used to think that I needed to be in some sort of ‘full-time ministry’ position in order to be part of what God was doing in our world, but through the Y, God opened my mind and eyes to see how we can follow Jesus right where we are, whatever we are doing; we can join him in his mission in every sphere of our lives. I learnt that making disciples of Jesus is slow, and deeply relational. If we want to follow our Lord into the journey of discipleship, he calls us to walk in deep relationships with people, sharing Jesus and our lives with whomever comes across our paths.

Grant Lombard Teacher at Stirling High School
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The Y equipped me with tools for studying the Bible on my own so that I am able to make sense of the world I am currently living in through the lens of Scripture. At the Student Y I was taught to question and that there are answers in Scripture. The Y laid foundations for my walk with the Lord—teaching me that all things belong to God and that there is no secular/sacred divide.

Palesa Rammego Mechanical engineer at ArcelorMittal
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