Welcome to the UCT Student YMCA. We have been serving university students at the foot of Table Mountain since 1947. 

The Student Y is committed to teaching and modelling integrated lives of faith. The Christian’s life should be shaped by the gospel at all levels so that gospel implications are lived out not just in those areas of life that are usually thought of as religious, but also in our relationships, our vocations, and our interactions with society and culture.

Joining the Student Y means belonging to a diverse, inter-denominational community in which you are encouraged to discover what the Christian gospel is and what it means to follow Jesus for life. Any UCT student is free to visit us during the week for a cup of coffee and conversation with staff or other students, or you can get involved in our more formal activities, which include:

  • Individual and group Bible studies and discussions
  • Men’s and women’s breakfasts and Friday-evening meetings
  • Public lectures, forums, and training groups
  • Research into the intersection of African Christianity and campus life
  • Partnerships with service organisations

The Y also has residential space for ten students and a committed student executive for those who are looking for more active and in-depth Christian discipleship and service on UCT campus. We look forward to partnering with you!

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