This page contains resources of relevance to Coronavirus and Christianity, but we thought that it also might be useful to add some more general resources too. These have been grouped into categories. Click on one of the links below to jump to the relevant section, or just keep scrolling:

Coronavirus and Christianity

Coronavirus Info:

We recommend that you consult the following sites for more information about the Coronavirus itself:

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal:

World health organisation Covid website:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Harvard Health Publishing Coronavirus Resource Center:

Christian responses to Coronavirus

John Piper has written a short book on the subject and made it available for free on his website. His approach is to dwell on God’s sovereignty in the midst of this crisis and to suggest some ways in which God might use this tragedy so that some good might result. It’s an easy read and Piper’s approach offers some encouragement. You can download it in various formats, including audio.

One of our staff members wrote seven reflections on Ecclesiastes and lockdown, which you can read here if you missed them:

Faithlife has put together a page of free resources for churches, seminary students, etc. It is worth checking out:

The South African Context

These websites engage with South African issues from a Christian worldview. They are useful resources in helping us contextualise our faith for the South African context. 

The Warehouse:

The Warehouse is an organisation that inspires and equips Christians to become a transforming and transformative presence in their communities effectively addressing poverty, injustice and division. One of the many pertinent issues in SA is the problem that many people do not earn a living wage. Here is a devotional that helps you journey with this issue

Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice:

Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice is a study and training centre dedicated to developing a holistic, theological and cross-centred response to racial and economic injustice within the South African context.

Here is a link ( to an interesting 4-part podcast series, “Not all Viruses are Equal”,  which concerns a commentary and reflections around the Coronavirus and its potential impact on South Africa.

Walking on Water Podcasts:

“Walking on Water” is a slice-of-life blend of social commentary, theological reflection and off-the-cuff punditry about all things Mzansi (South Africa) through the eyes of hosts Ayanda Nxusani and Dambudzo Mushambi and their guests as they walk in the Way of Jesus.

They presently address five issues pertinent to South Africa: Sexual violence and the church, black and middle class in the Cape Town, xenophobia, patriarchy, and when your spiritual leader fails you.

General Christian resources

Faculty Impact Groups Reader (PDF): This document, compiled from various sources (with permission) by the Y, contains a short collection of readings to give you a starting point in considering what the Lordship of Christ means in the world and in your particular field of study.

The Bible Project:

The Bible Project is an excellent animated series (with additional texts and documents) to help you make sense of the Bible, its story, its types of literature, and its major parts. On the surface, it’s quite elementary, but there is a surprising amount of depth and clarity in this series. It’s guaranteed to give you a new perspective on things that you thought you already knew. The series on how to read the Bible and on spiritual beings are both outstanding. (The animations are often beautiful and deep in their own way too.)

NT Wright:

NT Wright is one of the preeminent New Testament scholars of recent years, and he has made valuable contributions to popular and scholarly Christianity. He recently wrote about Coronavirus for Time Magazine ( and was interviewed about the topic in a video on his site (

Vinoth Ramachandra:

Vinoth Ramachandra was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, He holds both bachelors and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London. Instead of pursuing an academic career, he returned to Sri Lanka in 1980 and helped to develop a Christian university ministry in that country. He currently serves on the IFES Senior Leadership Team as Secretary for Dialogue & Social Engagement. His multi-faceted, international ministry includes promoting among students and professors a holistic, dialogical engagement with the world of the university; and helping Christian graduates act with Christian integrity in the face of the social, cultural and political challenges they face in their national contexts throughout the world.

See his recent blog on COVID, “The Virus of Fear”,  to get a taste of his work – Another interesting article by him is on racism and sexism within the Church –