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Philippians Module 2021

Philippians Module starting soon

Modules at the UCT Student YMCA are all centred on how faith integrates with all of life. Some of our […]

Is church obsolete?

Question: Why is it important to go to church? Doesn’t the lockdown show that we don’t need to go to […]

Ham’s line (Gen 9) and slavery

Question: It seems that Genesis 9-10 teaches that everyone descends from the lines of Shem, Ham, or Japheth. It seems […]

Why am I afraid to evangelise?

Question: If I truly believe the good news of hope in Christ, why am I afraid to tell other people […]

Christianity and change

Question: If I am a Christian, and if the gospel is about us being given new hearts, why does my […]

Coronavirus Media Available

UCT was one of the places earliest hit by Coronavirus in South Africa and immediately responded by closing the campus. […]

Reading Ecclesiastes from Lockdown #1

One of our staff members produced some reflections on Ecclesiastes for the Y community during lockdown. We repost them here […]