What can you support?

Besides general support of day-to-day activities at the Y, you can specify a donation for any of the following ministry areas:

  • A student ministry worker on staff
  • An underprivileged student with subsidized accommodation
  • Our core programs (materials, training, food)

Similar to any educational institution, the strength of the Student Y is its staff, both ministry- and administrative staff. Our staff team is growing and in need of sponsors for their financial upkeep.

We are privileged at the Y to have an excellent campus of facilities, but buildings require maintenance. We are also looking ahead to the future for which development of our property is an important strategy. Students who live on the property also benefit from donors who can subsidise their accommodation.

Finally, a central part of our weekly activities involve hospitality. Coffee and tea are freely available to students and we serve meals at several of our weekly meetings. Your donation helps us to host new students, to make students at home with us, to help students attend training and camps, and so on.

We encourage you to select a way of supporting the Student Y that reflects your interests, values and commitment to the Y.